Pratibha Group

Our people

We are individuals from around the country with diverse personal and professional experiences. We share a desire to do meaningful work alongside bright, engaged people. We've learned to combine our strengths and balance our individual perspectives. We embrace excellence and the highest ethical standards for the benefit of our investors and for ourselves.


Our Culture

We are protective of the way we do business. For nearly 25 years, we have remained single-minded in our desire to do right by our investors without compromising our desire to do right by our employees. We invest in our employees using the same thoughtful, deliberate approach we use to invest in companies.


Our process

We pursue a delicate balance of individual responsibility with collaborative decision-making. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, expected to maintain respect for one another, and entrusted to make the best decisions. The careful way we take action is balanced by the strength of our conviction once we do.


Our management

There are no corner offices at the Capital Group. Managers are approachable and are recognized for their willingness to coach and mentor the employees on their teams. Senior managers nurture our way of doing business — and cultivate newer employees' commitment to it — through an open and continuous dialogue on how we work and why it matters.


Safety and reliability

PRATIBHA strives to offer its product supply and to carry out the other activities undertaken by the Group within a safe and reliable environment. People’s safety at the Group’s facilities, in surrounding areas and among customers, as well as the development and dissemination across the entire Group of the best practices in the area of safety and prevention, are essential components of its processes.


Our community

We support employees who want to make a difference in their communities. We also award direct grants to nonprofit organizations to which our employees donate their time and energy.

Our environment

We engage to create environments where employees can do their best work. Our offices are thoughtfully designed to ensure that individual needs are met.
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