Pratibha Group
BRCM School, Gyankunj

Gyankunj is a dedicated, caring community, working together to educate the mind, open the heart, strengthen the body, and kindle the human spirit. The school is located in the state of Harayana near our home village, Behl.


Gyankunj Day School embodies the highest standards of academic achievement and character development. We have nearly 1400 students and 60+ faculty members. We are a college preparatory school, with a remarkable record of student achievement. Our graduates attend the finest colleges and universities in the nation. The vast majority goes to their college of first choice.


Even more important, however, is preparing students for a lifetime of responsible citizenship, integrity, ethical behavior, and service to other members of the community at large. We are one extended family engaged in one enterprise - the growth and development of every member of the community.


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