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Smt Renu Chaudhary Foundation

“A fight she started, a fight we will win”


Smt. Renu Chaudhary Foundation was formed in the memory of beloved wife of Mr. Parmod Chaudhary.


Our mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of Breast cancer through educational programme. The foundation reaches out to as many people as possible irrespective of gender, profession or ethnic group. We believe that by doing so more people will not only become more aware of cancer and its related issue but also become our partners in spreading our education message. Our strategies include a face-to-face programs as well as messages and information through mass media.



  1. By increasing awareness of and knowledge on different types of cancer and issues related to all sectors of the community.
  2. Promoting early detection and treatment.
  3. Make screening easily accessible and affordable in lower income group.
  4. By providing support services to those affected by cancer.

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