Pratibha Group

Mr. Mahendra Chaudhary - An Industry Leader

Chairman of the Group

An Engineering Graduate {Mechanical} from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, Punjab, he has played an important role in establishing the Group’s Textile venture in the year 1982 at Surat.

The industrialist in Mr. Mahendra Chaudhary is a pioneer and a visionary, possessed of a spirit of entrepreneurial adventure and acumen. His tireless efforts and forward thinking helped propel Pratibha Group of Companies. Possessing an active far seeing mind he is able to outline the future and success of most any enterprise. His approaches to business ideas, strategies and ethics set the pattern for the business behaviour of the company, and his legacy will continue to influence subsequent generations of its leaders.

A country must have spirit and a character to give that indwelling light a shape. It is for this spirit that the founding fathers are remembered, not the brick buildings. He is always ready to contribute liberally of his time and means in fostering what is for the interest of this community and is obsessed with this spirit.


Mr. Pramod Chaudhary - Spirit of the Skies

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

A Commerce graduate from University of Calcutta, West Bengal, he has joined Group’s business at Kolkata in the year 1984 and later joined Surat Business in the year 1985. He had just turned 21. It was a far-from-opportune time for a young native to take his first, tentative steps into the volatile world was business. As a promoter & Vice Chairman & Managing Director, he has played a vital role in the Group’s business growth at Surat.

The god of kindness must have played midwife when Mr. Pramod Chaudhary was born on November 1st, 1963. Over the decades, across a life that embraced big business, , sports administration and charity endeavours, Mr. Pramod stuck a chord of benignity with all whom destiny paced in his path. Bar a roaring sense of humour, everything about him was enveloped in a gentle wind of humility, sympathy and tolerance. He had this tremendous capacity to jell with people from different walks of life.

Despite his very public persona, Mr. Pramod is a reticent man. He never hankered after honours but was showered with them, to much bemusement on his part.
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